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Solutions-That Empower Organizations to Adapt Rapidly and Grow With Certainty

We provide a range of turn-key tools that offer immediate solutions to complex everyday technological challenges, empowering organizations to bring their technology strategies to life. These solutions are derived from our wealth of experience in implementing successful projects for ambitious organizations. Tailored to address common use cases, our solutions can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of any organization, ensuring efficient implementation.

Our Solutions

IT consultancy & Professional Services

At Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd, our consulting services play a crucial role in enabling our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their primary technology risks and their current risk management practices, which can directly impact organizational productivity. 

Are your systems and software aligned with industry best practices? Are your cybersecurity measures adequately implemented and up to par? Have you taken all necessary steps to minimize security risks? These are essential questions that our consulting services address, ensuring that your organization is well-equipped to meet industry standards and mitigate potential risks.

IT Consultancy and Professional Services

Future workplace Solutions and Services

Organizations are seeking a contemporary work environment that encompasses a comprehensive range of services to cater to a flexible, mobile, secure, and productive workforce. In today's landscape, having an appropriate workplace is crucial for fostering creativity, enhancing engagement, improving productivity, and retaining employees. Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of solutions and services in partnership with renowned vendors such as Citrix. These offerings aim to transform your workplace, amplify productivity, and enhance employee engagement.

Future Workplace solutions and Services

Digital experience.

Secure Services(Mauritius) Ltd's range of digital experience solutions empower companies to meet their customers' demands, from content to experience to commerce.

Across channels, devices and platforms, for every industry and every team, our composable solutions enable business and builders to create, collaborate, centralize and convert.

Our solutions are designed to empower organizations in creating, delivering, and managing highly engaging digital experiences and multi-channel content. By offering the necessary tools for decision-making and personalized interactions, we enable more effective and efficient communication with the organization's audience.

Digital Experience

Information Security

As our world becomes further connected and data driven, the burden to protect confidential and sensitive information increases. 

Relying on a single layer of security is insufficient to fully protect against threats. Hackers and bad actors can exploit vulnerabilities quickly when one door is closed while others remain open.

Our security solution takes a cohesive and interdependent approach to information security. Rather than just addressing security-point issues with technology, we focus on managing your technology to prevent security events from escalating into security epidemics.

Information Security

Data Center Infrastructure and


We provide Data Center services to support clients' IT system transitions, ensuring cost reduction and swift deployment of new solutions. Our designs segregate physical infrastructure from network, computing, storage, and security resources.

Additionally, we implement interconnection solutions aligning with your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for maximum application availability. Our Data Center services are offered through ISO 27001 certified providers, ensuring excellent security.

Data Center Infrastructure and Cloud

Data Security.

Are you worried about potential threats from malicious individuals within your network? Over the past 15 years, we have effectively safeguarded our clients' IT environments and vital data. Drawing upon our extensive experience in cyber security, risk management, and compliance, we develop advanced and multi-faceted cyber security solutions. We collaborate with reputable partners like Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and others to offer recommended solutions.

Our cyber security practice employs a combination of hardware and software solutions to effectively shield your operations, critical systems, and sensitive information from costly digital attacks.

Network Connectivity

We deliver secure, scalable, and highly reliable network connectivity for your applications and workloads, ensuring consistent high performance and comprehensive coverage. By leveraging our services, your team can also gain insights into cost-effective approaches for managing infrastructure. Establishing a robust networking foundation and proactively addressing the underlying network enables organizations to effectively deploy, manage, and establish controls over their network environment.

Network Security

Unified Communication

The dynamics of work are constantly evolving, with hybrid work schedules becoming the norm rather than the exception. The way we communicate and collaborate has transformed from a static, office-based approach to a flexible, people-centric experience. Team members now have the ability to participate virtually from any location and using any device, whether personal or corporate. With technological advancements, every team member can have a voice and actively engage, contribute, and make a meaningful impact, regardless of their physical presence in the room. This seamless and efficient collaboration fosters a more inclusive and productive work environment.

Unified Connectivity

Managed Services

We’ve been delivering specialized consultancy and managed services in IT solutions, over the last two decades, to businesses of all sizes and designs to corner the needs of the Financial, Insurance, Public, Healthcare, Retail and Education Sectors.

Vaultegrity Connect

In the IT world, WAN means Wide Area Networks, but with Vaultegrity Connect, we offer more than secure networking. Our Wise Application Networking solution encompasses hosted PBX, Microsoft 365 optimization, security, and analytics, providing a smart and strategic networking solution. Click here to learn more our Vaultegrity offerings.

Download our Vaultegrity.Compute Brochure

Secure Servces (Mauritius) Ltd Managed Services
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