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About us

Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd (hereunder refer as SSML) is a privately-owned IT Services & Support business formed in 2004. SSML delivers solutions that speed up clients’ productivity and help them to achieve their goals quickly and without any hassle. Unlike others, we do not just promise excellence, we ensure it happens. The company takes an all-inclusive method to design, integrate, and support digital workspaces to nurture employee engagement and help our client businesses to reach new levels of performance.

With its large solution portfolio and SSML has the expertise and reach to lift our customer’s digital transformation to new heights. At SSML, we strive to always bridge with our customers and provide them with innovative solutions, products, and services that align with our customer’s business goals. We endeavor to add value to the customer’s services and products. SSML has the vision to help its customers to realize and scale the future of its customer’s businesses, whether they are small, medium, or large businesses. The company is always one step ahead by providing top-of-the-range services, products, and solutions that are focused on providing tangible results for infrastructure and network management, productivity, and security solutions. With our core focus on data center/cloud computing, IT Infrastructure, collaboration services capabilities, and security, SSML can deliver innovative, scalable, and financially sound solutions SSML serves key public sector organizations, Financial Services firms, Telecommunication operators, parastatal bodies, other industry leaders in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands.


With more than 19 years, on the leading edge of enterprise IT, SSML has built a foundation of excellence through experience and acquired the vision and resources to deliver the right solution to our customer’s business objectives.

Our Mission & Vision -Together we work towards our common mission; to strive for our customers to be completely satisfied with the services they are receiving- from the very first contact to the after–sales support and backup. ​ The vision shared by everyone at Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd is to be a service-centric company; where solutions are found and delivered to solve your IT business issues.

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