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Our Leadership Team.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Secure Services Group, our leaders are committed to nurturing a culture of achievement. They promote operational excellence through collaborative efforts, prioritize our valued clients, cultivate strong partnerships with stakeholders, deliver outstanding customer experiences, optimize our supply chain, and actively pursue pioneering innovations.

Abadally Munglah-Managing Director


Mr.Abadally Munglah

Since 2004, Abadally has served as the founder and Managing Director of Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd. With a strong focus on business planning, revenue generation, and strategic planning, Abadally excels as a high-achieving Managing Director. Under his leadership, the company has experienced significant growth, evolving from a start-up into a prominent player in the Virtualisation, Security, and Digital Transformation sectors. Their key market segments include Financial, Insurance, Government, and Telecommunication verticals. Abadally is a meticulous leader known for his extensive managerial expertise

Catherine  Harter Pigeot-Head Of Administration & HR

Head of Administration and HR.

Mrs. Catherine Harter Pigeot

Catherine, a key member of SSML since its establishment, brings over 20 years of experience to the table. She has successfully implemented efficient HR processes and procedures within the organization. Catherine stands out as a dynamic leader, thriving in the technology-driven, digital, and innovative landscape. Her strength lies in her exceptional ability to connect with individuals, empathize with their challenges, and confidently propose effective solutions. Catherine remains level-headed, welcomes feedback, and handles challenging situations with great maturity.

Aboo Bakar Rawat Finance Manager

Finance Manager.

Mr.Rawat- Aboo Bakar

Bakar possesses a strong finance background and extensive expertise in overseeing the financial operations of the company. His profound knowledge has earned him the reputation of being a guru at SSML. Bakar is known for his diligent work ethic, discipline, attention to detail, effectiveness, and unwavering commitment to completing tasks. He leads by example and working with him is an absolute pleasure. Bakar ensures that every financial decision is carefully explained, leaving no room for ambiguity. He readily offers his support whenever needed, making him a highly valuable asset to the organization.

Ikhlass Wardally Technical Manager

Technical Manager.

Mr.Ikhlass Wardally

Ikhlass, with over 15 years of extensive experience and valuable accreditations, possesses in-depth knowledge of the latest IT advancements. He demonstrates an impressive presence among both external and internal stakeholders. Through strategic thinking and unwavering dedication, Ikhlass has successfully nurtured and expanded our service portfolio, particularly in the technical realm. Additionally, he actively develops and promotes services and solutions that facilitate customers' digital transformation journeys. Ikhlass is an invaluable asset to Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd.

Ziad Ramoly-Team Leader

Team Leader-Technical

Mr.Ziad Ramoly

Ziad, a dynamic Team Leader, brings more than 12 years of expertise in support, security, and managing intricate projects. His contagious enthusiasm and optimism serve to inspire and energize his team. With a strong focus on precision and customer value, he consistently delivers exceptional results for SSML's clients. Ziad's extensive knowledge across various technologies enables him to effectively contribute to successful project deliveries.

Bradley Smith-Sales & Business Development Manager

Sales & Business Development Manager

Mr.Bradley Smith

Bradley is a highly dynamic and accomplished professional, boasting nearly 15 years of extensive experience, with a key focus on driving top-line profitability for the organizations he serves. He possesses exceptional communication skills, enabling him to effectively connect with others and nurture strong relationships with clients and stakeholders alike. As a trusted leader, Bradley has consistently delivered successful solutions, earning a proven track record of client satisfaction and business growth. 

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