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Welcome to our "insight" page. Here you will get to know more about what is happening inside of Secure Services Group; from our brief story and our leaders..

Our Story

Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd & Secure Services Outsourcing Ltd were launched in 2004 in Mauritius, with the aim to establish itself as sector pioneers, by offering to local and regional clients the best IT products and innovations. The same values were kept in mind when the company expanded into Africa, with the launch of Secure Services Rwanda (Mauritius) Ltd in 2014.


The company believes in forging a long term strategic partnership with its stakeholders and aims at becoming the leading Value Added Service provider for Mauritius and beyond. The company values total customer satisfaction through fast, efficient, easy support access with a professional approach.

Secure Services is an award winning IT solutions expert in data centre, IT security, end user computing, networking & communication solutions, with a growing interest in Managed Services.

Our Mission & Vision

Together we work towards our common mission; strive for our customers to be completely satisfied with the services they are receiving- from the very first contact to the after –sales support and back up.

The vision shared by everyone at Secure Services is to be a service centric company; where solutions are found and delivered to solve your IT business issues.

Our Story

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Abadally has led Secure Services as founder and Managing Director since 2004. Since inception, the company has grown from a start-up into a market leader in Virtualisation, Security and Professional Services segments focusing on the Financial, Insurance, Government and Telecommunication verticals. He is known in the I.T industry for his forward thinking and especially appreciated for introducing clients to cutting edge technologies that are accordingly suited for them.


Catherine Harter Pigeot

Director – Head of Administration & Human Resources

Catherine has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has been with the company since its inception. Being one of the founder, she has devised and setup most of the business processes which is leading to the success of the company. She also works closely with our vendors to ensure smooth business relationship. Last but not the least, her incomparable skills at people management has helped Secure Services establish itself as a desired employer.


Ikhlass Wardally

Presales & Technical Lead

With over 15 years of rich experience varying from IT professional to trainer and even as an entrepreneur, Ikhlass is a specialist in solving client problems using modern technology. A constant learner, he is on top of current trends and technologies and together with his team he has helped achieved many partnership requirements need to maintain the high standards of delivery – a practice true to Secure Services’ ethos.


Aboo Bakar Rawat

Finance Manager

Bakar brings over 30 years of company finance and operations experience—including 10 years as a CFO and another 10 in accounting space—to Secure Services. Considered as an irreplaceable team player amongst his colleagues, Bakar keeps a keen eye on the financial side of our growing businesses advising how to effectively keep the company in sound financial health.

Abadally Munglah

Managing Director

Our Leaders

Our Leaders
Job Opportunities
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