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Welcome to Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd.

Welcome to Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd.

At Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and innovative products that drive advancements in the industry. With our establishment in 2004, we have consistently provided top-quality services to our valued clients. As we continue to grow, our unwavering commitment to meeting your needs remains at the forefront of our Technology Company. Our team of skilled professionals is here to inspire you with their exceptional ideas and talents. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

Simplifying IT for Reliability and Utility.

Our Services

Our Services

At Secure Services Grp, we offer a complete range of IT products and support services. From Cloud Solutions, Remote Support, Software as a Service, cloud backup, Help desk, Networking, Cybersecurity, to Communication Solutions, we provide end-to-end IT solutions to meet all your business requirements. By entrusting us with your IT needs, you can focus on your core business while we ensure that your IT infrastructure is tailored to your exact specifications. Our expertise lies in delivering consulting, infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions that enhance productivity, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness..

Professional Services & Consultancy

Our primary focus is on delivering comprehensive consulting services to assist enterprises in their digital transformation journeys. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the process, from formulating strategic blueprints to implementing them effectively, ultimately driving remarkable outcomes.

Modern Workspace

In today's rapidly evolving workspace, effective communication and staying connected have become essential.

With our cutting-edge technology solutions, we enable your organization to seamlessly support remote work while enhancing productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Digital Experience

Our Digital Experience solution focuses on empowering organizations to provide exceptional online experiences to customers. It encompasses comprehensive customer data collection, testing, segmentation, analysis, and optimization for all digital interactions.

Information Security

We provide a fully Managed Cyber Defense Center service to offload the pain. Our staff are continually managing to get the necessary competencies and certifications to offer efficient support and services to our customers.

Network Connectivity

Our solutions offer the essential elements to achieve excellent network connectivity and provide users with a high-performance experience. Familiarizing yourself with these fundamental principles can help guarantee that your network strategy and design decisions are ideal for your users and keep you competitive in the market

Data Center Infrastructure and cloud

Choosing the right data center partner is an important decision.SSML delivers the expertise and infrastructure you need to reduce costs, improve performance, and enhance your services. We do this by delivering reliable datacenter Solutions that enable you to focus on your Core business.

Unified Communication

Unified Communications enable collaboration among colleagues, partners, vendors, customers, and information. SSML assesses needs and provides the best solution to enhance business productivity. Implementing Unified Communications reveals the benefits previously overlooked by many businesses.

Data Security

By evaluating appropriate data authorization, authentication, encryption methods, password management, backup and recovery processes, and optimizing internal training programs, our data security services assist you in standardizing and automating security within your processes.

Managed Services

Secure Services (Mauritius) Ltd offers a diverse range of managed services, including fortified branches for physical security, a streamlined Hosted PBX communication system, customized Microsoft 365 optimization for enhanced productivity, and comprehensive Hosted Security and Analytics ensuring digital protection and strategic insights.

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